Your Journey with God Digital Edition

Your Journey with God Digital Edition

PDF by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Digital edition of the popular, "Your Journey With God" book. Will you take the Consecration Challenge?

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  • PDF: 464 pages
  • Publisher: APPTE Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: Digital


Will you meet the Consecration Challenge?

• 30 Straight Days of Consecration
• If you miss a day, you start over again at the beginning until you can complete 30 straight days.
• Then you will have established the character-building habits of a consecrated life.

Your Journey with God by biblical strength coach Wellington Boone is a sweeping masterpiece of the Christian faith that honors the deity of Jesus Christ and chronicles the stirring victories of men and women of the past who lived and died by their principles.

It’s an empowerment tool for building your spiritual strength.
It’s a consciousness-raising call to action.
It’s a confidence-building method of making you into a world-changer.

Like a master athlete, you learn from Your Journey with God the spiritual disciplines that train you to hear God’s voice in the heat of battle, discover His divine destiny for your life, and respond with fervency to His call.

Carefully crafted spiritual exercises that build strength and character
Liberal opportunities for notes and private reflections
Spiritual adventures in personal prayer and fasting
Inspiring background examples from Christian history-makers of the past
Dynamic enhancements to your relationships in family, church, and activism
Compelling principles found in the Bible and documented in the Christian creeds
Targeted application of principles to current issues and worldwide crises
Vivid awareness of God’s judgment and eternal life

Your Journey with God is strong and stable.

Built upon the stable foundation of leadership development in a local church
Contextualized within a timeline of the Christian Church since the birth of Christ
Verified by hundreds of footnotes and biblical cross-references
Enhanced by 16-page annotated Index for additional in-depth study

Knowing what you believe and living it out has never been more important for every Christian. Will you respond to the call?

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