Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3

Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Worm Training—Learning Not to Strike Back. Which is closer to your nature, the character of a worm or the character of a snake? A worm when stepped on is easily crushed. A snake when stepped on will strike back.

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Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3Bishop Wellington Boone$0.99


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Bishop Boone’s teachings on Worm Training point to Jesus and His call for us to be like Him. Jesus, on the cross, was crushed by the weight of our sin and He cried out to His Father, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46 and Psalms 22:1). Then he declared, in David’s prophetic words, “But I am a worm” (Psalms 22:6). Jesus did not have to submit to being crushed. He had the power to give His life and the power to take it back again (John 10:18). He could have called ten legions of angels to fight for Him to avenge his enemies. But He understood it was not what He was going through but how He was going through it. He showed us by example how to walk in Christ-likeness toward others.

Buga! Buga! is an expression from Ghana, West Africa, that means “Serious! Serious!” Ever since he first heard those words, Bishop Boone has used that statement to challenge himself and others to go to another level of Christ-likeness.

Editorial Reviews

Challenged to Be Like Jesus
“Wellington Boone reminds us of the importance of being liberated from self-absorption. May we all be challenged to become like Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served.”
James Robison, Life Outreach

Power of Genuine Meekness
“I was glad to be reminded of what genuine meekness (‘strength under control’) looks like.”
Black Pastor

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