Prevailing Prayer (Buga! Buga!) MP3

Prevailing Prayer (Buga! Buga!) MP3

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Prevailing Prayer—Powerful Crowd Reaction to Prayer. Bishop Boone declared, "I am going to pray the prayer of faith, and when I finish praying, you’re going to be able to tell. Many of you, the Lord’s going to touch today." Listen in on this live service and see what God does.

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Prevailing Prayer (Buga! Buga!) MP3Bishop Wellington Boone$0.99


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As people began to be healed, Bishop Boone said, “God is moving. God is alive. He’s not dead. He’s the Creator of the ends of the earth. . . . Miracles are God business. We pray, and God is the one who does the work.”

Buga! Buga! is an expression from Ghana, West Africa, that means “Serious! Serious!” Ever since he first heard those words, Bishop Boone has used that statement to challenge himself and others to go to another level of Christ-likeness.

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Focused on the piercing truths of God
“I am always fascinated as I observe how his mind focuses on the piercing truths of God with remarkable consistency. This is an incredible man of God.”
Bill McCartney, co-founder of Promise Keepers and Hall-of-Fame College Football Coach

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