Power of Vision (Buga! Buga!) MP3

Power of Vision (Buga! Buga!) MP3

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Power of Vision — Knowing God Has a Destiny for You. When you are genuinely saved, everything looks different. All the limits are off. Jesus is real and you are important to a real God Who created the world. You receive the power that comes from knowing you have been hand-picked by God to become like His Son.

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Power of Vision (Buga! Buga!) MP3Bishop Wellington Boone$0.99


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What you become as a Christian is a manifestation of what you have become through a divine surrender. Everything about you represents God. There is something about your life that the Lord sees, and that’s why He seeded into you the life of His Son. God is not going to let you rest until you see yourself the way He sees you. That is the power of vision—seeing yourself as God sees you, seeing why God made you, and seeing how you will be able to fulfill in the future what God has ordained for your life.

Buga! Buga! is an expression from Ghana, West Africa, that means “Serious! Serious!” Ever since he first heard those words, Bishop Boone has used that statement to challenge himself and others to go to another level of Christ-likeness.

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I will never be the same
“Praise the Lord for this man. . . . What I heard this morning and what my spirit has captured this day, I will never be the same.”
Creflo Dollar, World Changers

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