My Journey with God Arise & Shine Galley Edition

My Journey with God Arise & Shine Galley Edition

PDF by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Please make a donation to receive your free copy. My Journey with God Arise & Shine Edition takes you closer to God as you learn how to please God day by day and ultimately please Him in eternity. Expect transformation! Bishop Boone's 30-day journal takes you step-by-step on a 30-day journey into a deeper walk with God as you gain knowledge of the Bible, prayer, doctrines of the faith, and thrilling stories about Christians of the past who changed the world.

He is giving away this pre-press galley version to selected people as he prepares for the release of this blockbuster book in his My Journey with God series.

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  • PDF: 401 pages
  • Publisher: APPTE Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"


As you spend time with God and develop habits of personal consecration,  your life will begin to change. You will experience spiritual growth. You will be preparing to please God on that Great Day because you are learning how to please Him every day.

For more than 46 years, Bishop Boone has discipled Christian pastors and leaders who have developed Christ-like character and achieved state and national prominence because they are known for their character and convictions.

In My Journey with God Arise & Shine Edition, he has written everything out for you. This is a personal accountability journal between you and God. It is a training manual for listening to God, hearing His voice, and becoming like Christ as you live out your faith before your family, church, and society.

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