Low Road to New Heights E-book with Links

Low Road to New Heights E-book with Links

PDF by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Wellington Boone says that following God’s low road of humility leads to new heights of spiritual transformation and Christ-likeness, moving a person beyond success to significance. Humility is Jesus' call to Christian leaders to lay aside our pride and give up our rights and demands so that the nature of Jesus Christ can come alive in us.

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In The Low Road to New Heights, Bishop Boone points the way to success by learning to think and act like Jesus with daily lifestyle practices in the home, church, and community that are backed by God’s promises of blessing and power. When Christians trust God and humbly obey Him, they grow in spiritual maturity as they learn to serve others and to help lead others to Christ. God keeps His distance from the proud, but He prepares the humble for greatness, blessing, joy, and divine guidance. God’s path to success is the low road to spiritual significance.

• How Can I Become More Like Christ?
• Praying As Jesus Prayed
• A Bridge To Be Walked On
• Fathering the Future
• Purified to Serve
• Humility, The Foundation of Unity
• The Greatness of Joy
• The Low Road to Leadership
• Preparing to Move Forward

Editorial Reviews

“Now, more than ever, the church needs servant leaders who understand the power of humility. If we truly understand these precepts and put them into practice, we will see revival.” GORDON ROBERTSON, Co-host of TV’s The 700 Club

“The cry of Wellington Boone’s heart is to help people follow the pathway to fruitfulness. That passion shines through from the first paragraph to the end. TOMMY BARNETT Founder, Phoenix Dream City Church

“The Low Road to New Heights sets us on the path of humility, which is the heart of authentic Christianity.” DR. JOHN M. PERKINS. President, John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development; Co-Founder, Christian Community Development Assoc.

“The Low Road to New Heights . . . spiritual heights therapy to recover from the common curse of ‘self’—pride.” CHARISMA

Publisher’s Weekly. This slim book is full of useful hints, designed to help readers actually follow Jesus’ example of humility: for starters, says Boone, Christians should pray as Jesus prayed, and they should never hesitate to spread God’s message. But this is not merely a religious how-to. Boone also threads musings on biblical stories throughout; for example, he points to Moses as a model of servant leadership. He draws on more recent historical personages, such as Harriet Tubman, in showing that humility does not make one a doormat. Perhaps the book’s only flaw is that at times it reads like two books in one; interwoven with the discussion of humility is a great deal on leadership. Though this material is not wholly irrelevant Boone suggests that humility is not at odds with leadership, for the best leaders are those who submit themselves to God it nonetheless feels shoehorned. But that is a small complaint with a book so full of insight and wisdom. Boone, never ponderous, writes with a light touch, and his timely reminder of an oft-neglected virtue is sure to be accessible and inspiring to a wide-ranging audience.
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