God Looks at Christians in an Election

God Looks at Christians in an Election

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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In any election, God is paying attention to the people He left in charge of the world, His disciples. While you might be looking at the political results, God is running everything. This message is from the Kingmakers Conference Call on November 23, 2020.

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I’ll tell you what, I don’t think I’ve ever cut anybody off for preaching to me stuff that God was giving them, even though I may know that stuff backwards and forwards. The testimony that you are sharing about something God is showing you is still a blessing to hear, no matter how long somebody’s been saved. So numbers of you, keep on preaching to the choir and you can include me in that choir group too, because I’m thankful for you.

Listen, I just got a text from someone that I sit on the board with. Her name is Janet Porter. She is a diehard person serving God and the Word of God. And also she loves this country and she kind of sent like a five minute video update on the state of America that offered a prayer in it about what she was believing as far as this country is going and gave some amazing statistics in relation to what happened during 1775, right prior to the American Revolution.

You know, I was noting something just like that yesterday to someone I was talking to about the civil rights movement and what happened when John Kennedy was president and his brother and the Democrats were in office. And I was just thinking that the Democrats have been at so righteous and they’ve been so like, pro black and pro America, why would you need a civil rights movement during their time that they were leading the country?


And it’s kind of amazing to me to think about a lot of this stuff, but if you take it away from God and just try to deal with it in any other realm, you’re not going to come up with the right solutions. You’ve got to keep these circumstances in view, in light of this statement, one nation under God. And there is always somebody carrying us at levels untold. Sometimes I challenge myself privately to pray more fervently for things I know are important. And in some cases really great, you can’t see on the one hand that a nation is in transition, that this election is crucial and not be a fervent prayer.

I saw an amazing Scripture yesterday I’ll give it to you in a minute, when I was reading.
I would say that this is not even close. No circumstances or circumstance is close to God not being in control of it. I mean, the devil and all of his fallen host. I was reading. I would love to encourage you to read Proverbs three chapters, 27, 28 and 29. Amazing things in there. I might point a couple verses out.

And then just looking at Daniel again, chapter 7 through 12. I’m telling you that God is in control of the entire earth. And the thing about this election, this is not what God is paying attention to. He’s paying attention to the people he left in charge of the world and they are disciples. See, and while you might be looking at one of these seers as sovereign, but God is the one that’s running everything.

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