Every Family Is a World 1: Your Family’s Unlimited Potential

Every Family Is a World 1: Your Family’s Unlimited Potential

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Your family is important to God! Something about you goes all the way back to Creation. Beginning in Genesis, Bishop Boone builds an exciting picture of every family’s unlimited potential to create their own private world that is submitted to Jesus, walking in the power of God's greatness, and preparing to live in eternity. In these days of the decline of the family, you will be encouraged and amazed at the depth of insight on the true purpose of family life from Bishop Wellington Boone as he explains God's divine purpose for a husband, a wife, and the children God gives them.

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You don’t want to miss these dynamic concepts of how the Christian family develops each member’s potential into greatness in “Every Family Is a World Part 1: Your Family’s Unlimited Potential.”

You are God’s handiwork
You are vital to God’s economy
You are God’s wonderful creation
God is in you
Fulfill spiritual and natural progression
Develop Biblical values and vision
Make a covenant by sacrifice
Grow out of self-consciousness into God-consciousness
Speak the Word and live the Word
Become passionate to press past mediocrity
You’re like your Father, so arise! 
You will be increasing forever in God’s Holy Spirit

Editorial Reviews

Christian husband and father of five children. Everything God asks us to do, He is already an example of it—love, be a person of integrity, create an atmosphere. As a father, I can also be an example of everything I would teach my kids. I can create the atmosphere and environment that I want in our family’s world.

Christian wife, mother, and educator in high school and adult education. I think differently now about my role in my marriage. This was like cold water in my face. Where do I stand? Have I been living up to the standard God has given me? Now I see a totally unbelievable connection between my daily readings in the Bible and my roles at home. I am not wearing a cloak of submission yet being defiant and prideful. I have a different lens on now and a different focus for personal self examination. I straighten things out first at home before I go into the marketplace. My husband can see the difference.

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