Consecration 3: Eightfold Anointing II

Consecration 3: Eightfold Anointing II

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Bishop Wellington Boone has taught this generation of Christians how a daily Eightfold Anointing of yourself brings you closer to God. God spoke to Moses to anoint Aaron for his priestly office and dress him in new garments. Likewise, when you anoint yourself daily at eight points of your body you are consecrating yourself for the Lord’s service every day. You are allowing God to dress you in new spiritual clothing that represents the new position that He is giving you. As Bishop Boone preaches this message, the audience's engagement with his power-packed words previews the impact that this teaching has had on their lives to this day.

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With God, authority is directly proportional to relationship. God promotes first those who are closest to Him. Because he has set conditions for closeness, those who meet His conditions—who are born again and consecrate themselves in thought, word, and deed—enjoy the greatest intimacy.

Aaron’s sons approached God in the wrong way and God killed them. They had not only misrepresented their roles in the Tabernacle. They had also misrepresented Jesus and His death and our salvation because the Tabernacle represented something that was to come.

Today we say that because we are under grace we can approach God in any way we want, but in order to be called the children of the light you need the anointing for it. Your light only shows up to the degree that you allow yourself to be filled with the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 40:15 in the New American Standard Bible says that “their anointing will qualify them.” Your oil must never go out. The five foolish virgins had no oil because they didn’t understand the true nature of their inner being. They needed God’s anointing.  The five wise versions maintained their oil and kept their anointing and their closeness to the Bridegroom.

The most important vision you can have is perfect vision to see yourself the way God sees you. That takes sharp vision. Don’t worry about how people see you. Be concerned about how God sees you and meet His standards by consecration.

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