BibleGuide Through-the-Bible Online Links Edition

BibleGuide Through-the-Bible Online Links Edition

PDF by Bishop Wellington Boone

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On your phone, tablet, or computer you can click and read each chapter every day online in this hyperlinked edition of Wellington Boone's BibleGuide. You can read on a Kindle, Kindle Reader app, or PDF reader app such as Adobe Acrobat. Each Bible chapter in your daily reading is linked to a web page at Bible Hub.The default Bible version for these links on Bible Hub is the New Living Translation, but Bible Hub offers 25 translations and many other Bible resources. After you read your chapter, you can check it off digitally.

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Join Bishop and Mrs. Wellington Boone as they follow this plan of reading four chapters daily from eight different sections of the Bible. If you maintain this schedule, you can read through the entire Bible in 12 months. Although this is a dated reading guide, not everyone will be able to start on January 1. Whenever you begin, simply find that date and start there. In that way, we will read the same chapters together on the same days of the year. At the end of the year, keep reading until you have completed the entire Bible.

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