The Fellowship of International Churches (FOIC)

FOIC is an organization of churches founded by Bishop Wellington Boone in 1994 to oversee and equip churches

FOIC LogoWellington Boone and his pastors and elders founded the Fellowship of International Churches (FOIC) in 1994 to oversee and equip a growing church-planting movement and provide spiritual oversight to established churches in the United States and other countries. They conferred on him the title of “Bishop” because of his decades of leadership in equipping leaders and planting churches.


Wellington Boone was born again as a young man of 25 years old through a dramatic personal encounter with Jesus Christ. He was alone in his room during a time of crisis when he was overcome by the Shekinah glory of God. He immediately began sharing his faith and winning people to Christ. A short time later he married his childhood sweetheart Katheryn Watley in November 1973. He served under other pastors for a time and then began holding Christian gatherings in hotels in Richmond, Virginia, that were attended by enthusiastic multiracial gatherings.

In 1981 he launched his first church in Ettrick, Virginia, near the campus of Virginia State University. The church reached college students in the area and so he founded New Generation Campus Ministries (NGM) in 1982 and placed it under the leadership of Garland and Eileen Hunt. By 1995 it was active on more than 50 campuses.

In 1984 Pastor Boone left Pastor Joseph Green in charge of the church in Ettrick and planted a new church, Manna Christian Fellowship of Richmond, Virginia. They met for a while in the 200-year-old Monumental Church near the State Capitol in downtown Richmond. Then Manna renovated a car dealership at the corner of Belvedere and Broad where they had an active street ministry and noonday prayer and praise. In September 1989 they purchased a large church and 10 acres of land at 6851 South Laburnum Avenue where activities continued day and night.

Early Morning Prayer met weekdays at 5:00 AM and on Saturdays at 6:00 AM. College students attended summer Leadership Training Schools and some joined the NGM ministry after graduation, raising their own financial support. Intercessors met regularly for three-day shut-ins at the church and the leaders in the congregation fasted one day every week and for three weeks at the beginning of every year in January. Inner-city outreaches were a regular event and some moved into those locations to live. The church started Kingdom Preparatory Academy for elementary school students and maintained a year-round Christian daycare with summer camps.

Manna was the hub of communication for weekly city-wide prayer meetings where pastors of different races and denominations came together to pray in churches and inner-city locations. Over a period of years the murder rate dropped substantially as a result of prayer and evangelism.

As various leaders were raised up through the local church and campus ministry, Pastor Boone began to commission elders at Manna as pastors and sent them to plant churches in different cities.

The Fellowship of International Churches (“FOIC”) was founded in 1994 by then “Pastor” Wellington Boone in covenant with the elders of Manna Christian Fellowship in Richmond. They conferred on him the title of “Bishop.” Since that time the elders have become pastors and some have also become bishops. They have planted churches in other cities and states as well as leading international outreach ministries.

In 1995 Bishop Boone released Manna Christian Fellowship of Richmond to the leadership of his associate pastor and spiritual son Bishop Marvin Mason and moved to Atlanta with his family and a church planting team. He founded The Father’s House in Norcross, Georgia, and served as senior pastor until March 2015 when he commissioned his spiritual son Bishop Garland Hunt as senior pastor along with his wife Pastor Eileen Hunt.