Uncompromising Leader

As an international leader, he is empowering Christians worldwide to follow Christ in every thought, word, and deed, and to stand strong on the truth, accuracy, and empowerment of the Word of God applied to all of life.

Bishop Wellington Boone is one of the most respected Christian leaders in our day because of his commitment to Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior, his sound, Bible-based teaching, his willingness to take unpopular stands, and his compassion for men and women
with a heart to do what is right in God's sight

"Wellington epitomizes the phrase , 'Fall on the rock and be broken.' Only through brokenness can the fragrance fill the room."

Ricky Skaggs, Recording Artist

"This is an incredible man of God. Every time I'm in the presence of this guy, I sense two things: This is a man who is truly a man of tremendous faith, and he's a man who is truly fearless."

Bill McCartney, cofounder of Promise Keepers; former head coach, University of Colorado football team