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Hope Day 2. Hopeful Because God Values You

By Bishop Wellington Boone  |   |  Category: Hope Devotional

“You are of God, little children” (1 John 4:4 NKJV).

Every person in the Bible traces his genealogy back to Adam, and Adam goes back to God. You could say that every human being—including you—traces his existence back to God Himself.

The fact that you exist today says more about God than it says about you. Your life is important to God because He created you and He still values your life. Your significance isn’t based on your education or accomplishments. Those are insignificant compared to the value God places on you as His creation.

The greatest trick of the devil is to keep you in the dark about why God created you. The devil tries to steal your hope and tell you that your life has no meaning and is going nowhere, but that is a lie. Your coming days will be better than those that have gone before. You will fulfill a specific purpose that God had in mind when He made you. God values what you are becoming. You are His hope for the future. He wills you to live. You must not die until you fulfill His purposes for your life.

The New Testament says, “You are of God, little children.” Christians who are in the dark don’t understand that they are of God. When you know without a doubt that you are of God and you are a child of God, you will become a hopeful person. You will walk in light and see that your life has relevance to a future that your loving heavenly Father has planned.

Geographically speaking, both light and dark can exist at the same time. When it is dark in Atlanta, it can be daylight in South Africa, where my daughter lives. It’s the same with you. Both darkness and light can exist in you at the same time, too. Maybe you are saved but in the dark about life. Why don’t I have more money? Why don’t people appreciate me? Why can’t I find a mate? Why don’t I have a better marriage?

You were made to walk in the light. Instead of being overtaken by questions and concerns, you can become a person of peace, wisdom, and understanding if you cultivate hope. If you have done dark things that have separated you from God, just say you’re sorry. Everybody has to say “I’m sorry” to get to God. Confess and repent. Say, “I was wrong, please forgive me.” Repentance keeps your hope alive.

What Jesus said on the cross applies to everyone who receives Him—”Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Receive His forgiveness. Walk in the light of His hopes for you.


“He still calls to you and bids to you to come. You must do it! You cannot hold back. You have enjoyed yourself in Christianity long enough.” —William Booth (1829-1912)