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“Why I Am Moving to Germany”

By Wellington Boone

From the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ 45 years ago, I have known it was my destiny to take Jesus everywhere.

However, I was not expecting God to speak a few weeks ago through a vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), Tom Phillips.

I had just taught the BGEA staff devotions when Tom asked me to come to his office and said, “God made you for Germany.”

He didn’t know that my wife and I met in Germany. I have returned several times to minister in Jesus’ name. So I received this as a word from the Lord and acted on it by faith. My wife and I flew to Germany in November, and God reaffirmed our call to return and establish a base.

People wonder why a Black pastor like me would move to Germany now. I am almost 70 years old.

I should be thinking about retirement. After all, I turned over my Atlanta church to Garland and Eileen Hunt way back in March 2015.

However, I have never expected to “retire” from ministry. I have been on the lookout for my next assignment to serve God.

Why Germany? I am not German or White European. I should not be able to address the decline of the German Church and challenge them about consecration. After all, I am Black and they are mostly White. In America, when Whites hear me confront Blacks about changing their lifestyle by getting saved and living like Christ, they say to me, “I’m not Black, so I can’t say that.” I hear that all the time.

However, consider this—I have probably preached to a million Whites in four decades of ministry. If Whites can’t speak to Blacks, then I can’t speak to Whites. My Black race should have prevented me from telling them the truth, but the opposite is true. Whites have heard me all these years and told me later that my teaching transformed their lives, their marriages, and their ministries. That is because the Gospel is transcendent, unlimited.

If you think preachers are limited by cultures, you don’t realize that the Word of God applies everywhere. Everything in the Bible is always true because the Bible crosses all the lines. It applies to all people in all ages and cultures, from now to eternity.

German Christians were among the leaders of the Protestant Reformation that restored access to God for all Christians. Germany still has a holiday on October 31 called Reformation Day. It is an honor to be counted among them.

My wife and I went to Germany on the wings of miracles on our behalf, including two first-class airline tickets, a month at a Hilton Hotel in Mainz, and plans for a property in Germany owned by Bennett Brazer.

I had received the plans from Jorge Parrott, president of Eagle Missions. It once belonged to the Moravians. Rick Joyner, founder of Eagle Missions and president of MorningStar, is an expert on Moravian history. He has a church and ministry location in Moravian Falls, North Carolina (see p. 7).

For the first two weeks in Germany, I spent my time in the Word, waiting on God. Then we found Bennett Brazer through LinkedIn, called a phone number, and he answered in Pretoria!

Bennett Brazer is a White pastor in the Apostolic Faith Ministry, which launched a worldwide Pentecostal awakening in 1906 at Azusa Street in Los Angeles. It was led by a Black pastor, William Seymour. One of his White leaders, Florence Crawford, started a rival ministry in Portland, Oregon, in 1907, using his mailing list. His influence soon declined and there has never again been a major revival led by a Black American since that time. My meeting Pastor Brazer is a circle of restoration that we will live out from our new ministry base in Germany.