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Blacks Humbling Themselves to Become One

By Bishop Wellington Boone  |   |  Category: Black American Revival

In 1996, Coach Bill McCartney, co-founder of Promise Keepers, asked me to speak at a Pastors’ Conference that he was hosting in Atlanta, Georgia. While I was speaking to the 40,000 pastors, I was suddenly distracted. I looked over at another one of the speakers that day, a Black pastor named Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

The impression was so strong that I interrupted my message. I began confessing to the crowd of pastors—most of whom were White—that there is jealousy and division in Black America, including division among Black churches. I even said that some of that jealousy had been unjustly targeted at Tony. I turned to him and said, “If I had some water, I would wash your feet.”

I tried to return to my message, but it was too late. Something I said had caught the hearts of the men. They started running up to the platform and throwing bottles of water and towels up on the stage. Men in the stands were shouting and clapping. Click this link for the video!

Randy Phillips of Promise Keepers, who is White, and Bishop Phillip Porter, who is Black, brought Tony over to me on the stage and sat him down in a chair. Tony couldn’t believe this was happening! I took off his shoes and socks and washed his feet. The crowd went wild. Tony was totally embarrassed, but he managed to say, “No greater honor has ever been given to me, especially from someone of my own race.”

Black Americans need to restore their love for one another

Jesus told us to follow His example when He washed the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper. That’s why I washed Tony’s feet. I was following the example of Jesus.

“If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you” (John 13:14-15 KJV).

When Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, he did it to a bunch of guys who were into disunity, just like Black Americans. His example of humility instead of pride broke something in them. He told us to follow His example.

The devil has been dividing Blacks ever since there were house slaves and field slaves, so instead of washing one another’s feet they stay awake nights thinking of new ways to put down their brothers.

Disunity keeps Black Americans weak. Unity will make them strong enough to rule nations. As a unified group within a nation they honor, Black Americans will take their place among the nations of the world when they move from competing to completing, when they wash one another’s feet and honor one another instead of competing with one another and with White America. As one nation under God they will fulfill the divine destiny of their people to become true world leaders.