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Pat Robertson convinced Wellington Boone that it was time to publish his book Black Self-Genocide and then personally interviewed him about its great significance on “The 700 Club” on Election Day, November 8, 2016. The book quickly soared to the top of several lists on Amazon.

700 Club Interview with Pat Robertson

Click here to buy Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say by Wellington Boone

HUD Secretary Ben Carson says book will empower the Black community “In his riveting book, Black Self Genocide, Bishop Wellington Boone provides great insight into the belief systems and behaviors that have kept black people in America in a dependent position. More importantly he provides sage advice for how to empower the black community in America and consequently to help strengthen the entire nation.” Ben Carson, M.D., United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon. Former 2016 Republican Candidate for President. Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Amazing Resource! “Thanks for putting together this amazing resource.” John Dawson, International President with Youth With A Mission and founder of International Reconciliation Coalition

Shines light on a dark subject! Wellington Boone has brilliantly shined a light on a dark subject. Understanding is at the heart of this work, or might I suggest movement. The book is written in the spirit of excellence with high degrees of honor through out the pages. This book does not just simply highlight the problem, it provides scriptural solutions and is timely. I bless this book and all who read it as we journey to truly understand and example truth powerfully. EVERY Pastor, teacher and ministry leader would do well to glean from the pages of this well crafted gem. William D. Winship, 5-star Amazon Review of Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say

Courageous! Tremendous! Insightful! “This book addresses the “elephant in the room” that our culture has glossed over, pretending it isn’t there!!! This book examines and investigates a very difficult subject – the decline of the Black American community in America and spotlights an important (and very sad) phenomenon that has been “hiding” in plain sight in our country.” 5-Star Amazon Review by Janet James, Attorney, Richmond, Virginia

Must read for Black Americans If you are a Black American it’s a must read. 5-Star Amazon Review by M. Buhleron

Good history! People should read this! Pastor gives GOOD History; people should read this book Linda G, Amazon 5-Star Review

Interesting and innovative! “Interesting innovative reading.” 5-Star Amazon review by Gigion

More observations from leaders about Bishop Wellington Boone

“This is an incredible man of God. Every time I’m in the presence of this guy, I sense two things: This is a man who is truly a man of tremendous faith, and he’s a man who is truly fearless.” Bill McCartney, Co-founder of Promise Keepers; former head coach, University of Colorado football team

Wellington Boone speaks to a generation with words that pierce to the heart of the matter. The power of his message comes from the depths of his commitment to Christ and to those he addresses.” Ben Kinchlow, Former co-host, The 700 Club

“The time I’ve had to fellowship and benefit from Wellington Boone’s ministry have assured me of his love for Christ, his profound insight and understanding of the mind of the Lord, and his ability to communicate that into the hearts and lives of men and women.” Roger Forster, Ichthus Christian Fellowship, London. Co-founder, March for Jesus