Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3

Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Worm Training—Learning Not to Strike Back at Your Enemies

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Worm Training (Buga! Buga!) MP3Bishop Wellington Boone$0.99


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Buga! Buga! is a 12-MP3 album by Bishop Wellington Boone containing 12 of his classic lifetime messages about the Kingdom of God, all recorded before live audiences. It includes the story of his personal conversion to Jesus Christ; an excerpt from his first book, Breaking Through, read aloud by the author; consecration, call to spiritual revolutionaries, “worm training” (a message on humility), a prayer service where many people were healed, and many other powerful messages.

Buga! Buga! is an expression from Ghana, West Africa, that means “Serious! Serious!” Ever since he first heard those words, Bishop Boone has used that statement to challenge himself and others to go to another level of Christ-likeness.

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