Consecration 2: Seven Reasons for Consecration

Consecration 2: Seven Reasons for Consecration

MP3 by Bishop Wellington Boone

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Wellington Boone explains the power of consecration, biblical standards, and submission to Jesus for a successful Christian life. "Consecrate yourselves!" Joshua commanded before they entered the Promised Land. “Who then will consecrate his service this day to the Lord?” David asked as he commissioned Solomon. All this and much more are found in "Seven Reasons for Consecration: Releasing God's power through yieldedness." Be sure to buy the PDF outline, also.

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  • MP3: 75 minutes
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Consecration is whole-hearted devotion. Your eyes have been opened and you are giving yourself wholly over to the Lord. Even though the words “consecration” and “anointing” appear in the Bible, many Christians are unaware of the profound significance of what the Scriptures have to say. In three dynamic messages, Bishop Wellington Boone explains these life-changing concepts in a way that will help you grow as a Christian and learn how to immerse yourself into the likeness of Christ.

In Consecration Part 2 he explains these “Seven Reasons for Consecration”:

(1) Consecration prepares you for an unknown future
(2). Consecration prepares you to stand before two people: God and your enemies
(3). Consecration purifies your heart motivations. Your consecration represents your purity
(4) Consecration averts God’s judgment and brings God’s presence
(5) Consecration makes the spiritually weak strong. Sanctification is your way to perfection and maturity
(6) Consecration is your way to God through the blood of Jesus, who is our High Priest forever—“holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners”—interceding on our behalf
(7) Jesus is our role model for a consecrated life

The study guide outline describes the biblical basis for the message. Be sure to purchase your copy.

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