Inspiring a New Generation

Founded in 1973, Wellington Boone Ministries (WBM) was founded to reach people in every sphere of society, leading them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bishop Wellington Boone's goal is to please God by a lifestyle of holiness and humility, to teach and preach who God is through study and revelation from the Word of God, and to reproduce himself through planting churches and making disciples. He relates to pastors and leaders as a father to his children. In time, they come of age as leaders themselves and plant their own churches and establish ministries.

Wellington Boone speaks to a generation with words that pierce to the heart of the matter. The power of his message comes from the depths of his commitment to Christ and to those he addresses."

Ben Kinchlow, Former co-host, The 700 Club

"The cry of Wellington Boone's heart is to help people follow the pathway to fruitfulness."

Tommy Barnett, Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly

Events with Bishop

Adventures in Germany

As they close out the year 2017, Bishop and Mrs. Boone are spending this month in Germany exploring opportunities for a new ministry adventure. Beginning in September 2017, they have had many prophetic witnesses indicating that they will discover His will for them if they return to the nation where they first met more than 50 years ago. Bishop Boone says, ” I believe this is the destiny of God for us as I move out in the Father’s heart.” They are excited and would appreciate your prayers.

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